Arpan Thap Samuna K.C Pushkar Gurung Kamal Mani Nepal Dhurba Koirala Kamal Regmi Ranish Boss and Subechhya Thapa.
Sudarshan Thapa
Arpan Thapa

Dhanda is a film which portraits the lives of young Nepalese souls who become the victims of illegal manpower trafficking agents. The film is about a guy who loses his self esteem while pursuing his dreams of going abroad. He wakes up in a hospital bed only to find himself remolded with stitches from head to toe and left with nothing but betrayal and lost hopes. He can’t escape from his past, nor can he hope for a bright future. With all his dreams shattered by the manpower agents, he sets out on a killing spree trying to get rid of all those who destroyed his life.


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