Hedda Gabler | Nepali Natak – Full | Adopted from Henrik Ibsen’s play | Shilpee Theatre Group

Hedda Gabler | Nepali Natak – Full | Adopted from Henrik Ibsen’s play | Shilpee Theatre Group

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Hedda, a woman with free spirit and strong values, does not like to be bound by the rules of the society. Thinking that her youth is about to cross the edge, she marries Jagatjung Katuwal who is a cultural history researcher. She never loved him but considered him as a decent life partner among her suitors. From the outside, their life looks ideal but Hedda feels unhappy in her married life. Her former lover Ashok Khapangi who is also Jagatjung’s academic rival, reappears in the story creating a strong competition between the two. Ashok has overcome his alcoholism and has rehabilitated himself as a published best seller. Binny Basnet, an old friend of Hedda has helped Ashok recover and inspired him to be a writer. Hedda is jealous to see Binny’s influence on Ashok. Out of this jealousy, she manages to destroy the manuscript of Ashok’s new book. Despaired by loss of his manuscript, Ashok feels no reason to live. Hedda gives him her father’s pistol, hoping that he will take his life in a victorious manner. Police finds Ashok’s body in a suspicious place and begins investigation. Jay Bohora, Jagatjung’s friend finds out the truth and warns Hedda. Terrified Hedda commits suicide to free herself from Jay, Jagatjung, her unwanted marriage bond and the rules of the society. In the play, Hedda is portrayed as a masculine female who never thinks about consequences before acting on her instincts. Her suicide is a unexpected ending of the play. Set of the play is grand and is complemented by realistic acting of actors.

Director: Pravin Khatiwada
Playwright: Adopted from Henrik Ibsen’s original play
Translation: Bal Bahadur Thapa

On Stage:
Bipin Karki
Anju Deuja
Saraswati Chaudhari
Pasupati Rai
Ghimire Yubaraj
Bikram Singh Tharu


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