Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bhram

Jyamkira Parika Bhoka Bhram

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ज्यामकिरा पारीका भोका भ्रम
On stage (Alphabetical Order)
Arjun Neupane: Birkhe
Binod Pun: Gobinda/Villager
Deepesh Paudel: Soul/Kanchha
Kaushal Pandit: Harihar Master
Phiroj Basnet: Mukhiya
Pujan Lamichane: Dhami/Villager
Sangeeta Karki: Master’s wife/Villager

A deathbed lies at the bank of Jyamkira . An unknown wave of death has terrified people in this village for a while.

Harihar, a local school teacher with all his efforts has been trying to help these villagers to get out from the dire crossroads. People’s inclination towards superstition is slowly pulling him down. His patience hangs in the balance.


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